Navigating the COVID-19 Crisis


Get Out.

Nature and water are your best allies. Get Out. Breathe. Move, Reflect. Sit. Listen. Feel. Journal. Science tells us that being in nature and on the water reduces cortisol and increases your happy hormones. Use it as your medicine - encourage family members to do the same when minds move to the "red zone".

Get Active.

Don't stop moving. You probably have more time on your hands now than ever. Create a new mini habit - morning walk, afternoon workout, family movement, yoga, meditation, mindful movement. Again, science tells us that exercise and movement increases those happy hormones. We all need a good dose of "happy".

Get Connected.

Have I mentioned science yet? Well it validates connectivity as well. Connect to yourself, your environment, your family, your community - with social distancing, we need to get creative. We also need to connect to something that is bigger and greater than ourselves. A higher purpose, nature, water - find your awe and wonder. Connect to those things you can have power and control over. Your thoughts. Your "daily word". Taking responsibility and controlling what you can control is a large component of resilience. And increased resilience equals decreased stress.

How Can Get Out Girl Assist?

  • Personal in home workouts prepared specifically for you and/or your family.
  • Virtual workout community.
  • Wellness Coaching.
  • Content creation for you, your community or business - how to mentally, emotionally and physically Stay Well during this time of stress, strain and crisis.


email cindy@getoutgirl for specifics!