Get Out Girl


About Cindy Present


Cindy Present is a wellness and water expert with a lifetime in the fitness, wellness and hospitality industry. Her passion to inspire and empower others for positive mental, emotional and physical wellness impact has touched lives professionally, philanthropically and in her community. As an endurance sport and competitive athlete both on and off the water, her mental and physical strengths have led her to Ironman World Championships; 70.3 World Championships; Boston Marathon qualifications; and competitive mountain biking, Xterra, water skiing and paddle boarding. Cindy shares her love of life, water and nature with her husband and two boys on Lake Austin, Texas.


Water & The Outdoors Are Her Medicine

  • She intentionally uses water and the outdoors for her own positive mental wellness and shares it's power with others.
  • She knows where to heal, where to go to rekindle her best self, where to radiate and shine.
  • She lives life to the fullest - without caring about judgement of others.
  • She takes on the day without worrying about failure.


Connection Quenches Her Soul

  • She recognizes the importance of being part of something bigger and greater than herself.
  • She loves the awe and wonder of water and the outdoors and basks in its healing power.
  • She knows what grounds her, where her roots are and what are her anchors.
  • She checks drama at the door and only asks for the attention of those things that will grow and challenge her.


This Girl Can

  • She is resilient and confident. 
  • She makes meaning of her past.
  • She defines her future.
  • She knows her self worth and refuses to be held back.
  • She looks fear in the eye and takes on what life throws her way without hesitation.