what we do

Get Out.


We take individuals and groups OUTdoors and on the water to help them unlock and reconnect mentally, physically and emotionally.  To get out of themselves, out of their own way and out of their box. We are believers in the power of Blue Mind Science, utilizing water and nature for positive mental and emotional wellness impact.

Get Active.


Movement creates a state of flow and rhythm, like a therapeutic and healing meditation. It integrates body, mind and soul while resetting the nervous system, rewiring the brain, decreasing cortisol and increasing those essential "feel good" hormones. 

Get Connected.


Connecting to the outdoors, others and community decreases stress, creates perspective, boosts immunity, elevates confidence and gives us greater meaning in life. Authentic connection of circumstance and topic also normalizes situations, reduces stigma and induces courage in order to share and grow from our experiences.

Blue Mind Experiences


Does water speak to you? For many it does and intentionally utilizing it for an outing, experience, retreat or travel can have profound mental, physical and emotional benefits. Let us do the planning and #letthewatermoveyou. 

Outdoor Fitness


Get Out of the box. Outdoor fitness is primal and raw - with no excuses. No bells and whistles here - just a holistic approach to strength, cardio, mobility and balance training.



Get Out Girl specializes in events that inspire and empower women and girls of all ages that not only create community, but give back to our community. Get Out Girl Surf & Paddle Jam is an annual weekend event held in honor of Travis County female first responders - and true Get Out Girls - Kristin McLain and Jessica Hollis.



If you or someone you know could use some Blue Mind time, our nonprofit, Operation Get Out, can help get them on the water to unlock and #letthewatermovethem. Reach out - let us know how we can help!

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